Rachael Renee’ first picked up a camera in 1998 and began shooting on film. She photographed her ever changing hometown of Portland, Oregon, her solo travels to France and Russia, trips around Oregon with her husband, and touring the American West with her band, The Moonshine. She carefully tucked the photos away in binders, photo albums and hard drives. Photography was purely a meditative act, to be used in the treatment of depression, and a way to fully absorb herself in the sights she saw in her travels. The images were to be reviewed when needing to forget the present and wrap herself into the feeling of a place she once was.

The Moonshine 2016 - Photograph by Rachael Renee' for the album "Cuckoo's Crooked Path"

The Moonshine 2016 - Photograph by Rachael Renee' for the album "Cuckoo's Crooked Path"

Rachael  lives in Athens, Georgia with her husband, horse and two cats, doing commercial and editorial photography, photographing horses and their people, and selling her art prints. And, of course, playing music.


 Eventually, she fell into photography-as-career, and built a photography business shooting architecture, food and people for local magazines and businesses in Portland, Oregon. She began living in the now and no longer uses photography to treat depression.

Rachael's other passion is horses. She began riding before she was born, and her earliest memories involve horses. She worked at Portland Meadows for a time, grooming and exercising racehorses. Rachael has trained a number of horses, including her personal riding horse, whom she rescued from a kill pen. It was only natural that Rachael would eventually turn her focus toward photographing horses.


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