4903 NE 32nd Ave

This gorgeous little vintage Portland craftsman has been beautifully updated with both modern and vintage/reproduction features. So many things to love about this house! I shoot so many newer mid-to-high level suburban homes, but what I truly love are vintage houses. They often have these lovely details - arches, cool light fixtures, charming tile, pretty doorknobs - that aren't so prevalent in modern homes. I wonder why?  like, what's with the boob fixture... you know what i'm talking about - nearly every modern house has boob-like light fixtures in the bedrooms. Why?!?! Especially in the high end homes that I shoot - the faucets are nice, there's extra trim around the ceilings, maybe some wainscotting... but then the boob lights and ye old standard doorknob. When did we stop incorporating functional art (ie craft) in our everyday lives? 

At any rate, this house is full of artful features, like a concrete mantle, glass doorknobs rad light fixtures (no boobs!) and the coolest mailbox I've ever seen. Enjoy below!