I'm Moving to Georgia!

I'm moving to Athens, Georgia!

While business has been great here  and I've been photographing a crazy amount of houses for the real estate market, the real estate market has become problematic. Our house and property which we lovingly call Shady Grove is slated for development of eco-condos. This was originally supposed to happen when our lease was up at the end of July, so we started looking for housing and were unable to find anything that we could afford anywhere we would want to live, and buying in this market is out of the question. Therefore, we decided back in February to move to the South, so that we could be close to Michael's family for a while. Since we have friends in Athens, Georgia, have visited a number of time and Michael loved living here oh so many year ago, we've decided that would be a good spot for us. Farewell, Portland! 

As I will be busy continuing to shoot houses and working on a few editorial assignments for the Willamette Week and Cascade Sotheby's Magazine, while packing and getting everything in order to leave, I will be putting my blog on pause for a moment. I'll be back some time in August!