Meredith Axelrod - Musician and Band Photography in Athens and Atlanta, Georgia

Susanna and I met Meredith at the Vancouver Folk Festival and she came by Susanna's house to hang out for a few hours on her way back down to San Fransisco. After Susanna and James had their photoshoot, we decided to do an off-the-cuff shoot together, because, why not? I still had a few hours to get to the airport, and what better than to take photos of a beautiful woman and her guitar?

Susanna and James - Couples Portrait Photographer in Athens, Atlanta, Georgia

Susanna is one of my best friends in the world, and James is one of my favoite people. Susanna is The Moonshine fiddle player, and James used to live with us at Shady Grove. Together, we've played hours and hours of music together. So, while I was back on the West Coast for some photo shoots, we scheduled a shoot. I wish a lifetime of happiness together to these two lovebirds