By booking you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.


Photo shoots must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance or you are subject to a late cancellation fee of $50, even if the shoot is rescheduled. Canceling in advance allows me to book someone else for the time I reserved for your listing.

If residents of listings are sick, shoot must be rescheduled. If rescheduling after illness subsides is not an option, sick people must be vacated for the duration of the shoot. Thank you for understanding.


Property will be shot as-is at time of scheduled shoot. All cleaning, repairs and groundskeeping should be done prior to the shoot. I recommend forwarding my staging guide to your clients, as this will help them prepare the house for the shoot as well as for showings. Staging guide is sent to every client along with shoot details in an email that is designed be forwarded to the client.

Dogs must be contained in an area that will not be photographed for the duration of the shoot (i.e. the garage), or kept with the owner at all times.


As a part of standard US Copyright law, I retain all copyrights to my images and videos, and license them to you. Your license includes the following: You can use the images in any manner of marketing of the property, including the internet or printed materials, advertisements and magazine articles that make reference to the property being for sale and represented by you. You can also share them with co-listing agents for their marketing of the property. You can not sell or give the images to anyone for any reason other than for your own marketing of the property. You can not give them to the stager, interior designer, architect, cabinet maker, pool company, landscape company etc., and they may not be made available to agents in the future for marketing the same property. All inquiries about obtaining copies of the images should be directed to me at rachael@rachaelrenee.photos.

License Lengths: 

Residential Properties - 1 year

Commercial Properties - 2 years

Upon expiration of license, if the listing has not sold, get in touch with me for an extended license.

Virtual tours hosted on my virtual tour system will remain visible for the life of the virtual tour system and you may use the virtual tours created for you on my system to market your services as a real estate agent.